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Over May long I had the pleasure to venture out with my lovely friends to Golden Ears park for a one day fishing trip. Featured fishing are Sterling Pearce and Caroline Well's, you can view Sterlings' outdoor blog at 

The second series of shots are from Brockton on Mt Seymour. click on image to view gallery

Port Renfrew - Jeff Tribute

Myself and 4 of my great childhood friends got together for a trip to Port Renfrew in the beginning of April 2014 to celebrate friendship and the life and great memories of our good friend Jeff Clark who passed away in November 2012. We love you Jeff! click on photo below to view gallery

Canada's 1st Transworld Trans Am competition

Transworld had never brought Canada into their tour circuit until this year when Mt. Seymour had asked to host the event. Mt. Seymour had asked me to help out with the event and I jumped on the opportunity to put myself into the chaos of a total shred show. click on photo below to view gallery

Head of the Herd

I checked these dudes out on January 13th 2014 at the Lucky Bar in Victoria, BC. Over the last two years I have fallen deeply in love with blues rock, to hear a band out of Vancouver come out with such a huge sound and modern take on this genre makes me feel proud. I hope you take some energy out of these shots, if not, go and check these guys out for yourselves the next time they're passing through town! click on photo below to view gallery